The history of the land roses

In a time when the race were scattered there stood a great city of knowledge. No one knows how long stood or who built it. All the people of the world lived in this great city where knowledge was simply. Most of the citizens of the great city sought the state known as the light which they referred to as a luminous. As time progressed the state of enlightenment became more of religion that an idea of one achieving greater knowledge. At some point of luminous became a reality a force of enlightened intellect that strives for equality among all races. Eventually the corrupter came this was an individual that took for all ideas and turn them from their true. First of all free to the corrupter’s ways with the dwarves they were twisted the horrible creatures known as goblins some dwarves though did not fall prey to the corrupter and this is why dwarves hate the goblins. Please with the results of the corruption the corrupter turn towards the corruption of the Elf’s and managed to craft some of them and twist their bodies horribly and these creatures are called Orc’s and they have no love for the Elf’s. This conceited corrupter decided change the humans through careful manipulation the corrupter manage to the humans the necromancers the most foul creations for their bodies were not twisted but their souls spirit were twisted to believe that living beings far worse than the dead and should be turned into dead or undead. This is how the great war started that would eventually destroy the great city the necromancers fight against the five great schools of magic level with the city since they cannot defeat the five great schools while they were combined they decided to destroy the great city. The great city was so completely destroyed that the ocean rushed in to work stood and the land around to a desert.

In the fifth year of the reign of the 10th Lord of roses Lord Garethon. A mighty hoard of Orcs swept from the East and attacked the lands of the grand Duke. The men of the grand Duke fought valiantly for two years. In the eight year of the reign of Lord Garethon, the grand Duke was finally defeated by the Orks and is believed that all members of the grand Dukes family are dead. In the 10th year of the reign of Lord Garethon the Orcs have been driven from the land they took. There are rumors that the Lord of roses withheld support from the grand Duke. The grand Duke was very popular among most of the lords of the realm and could potentially seize the throne without ever having to raise sword in violence. Other rumors state that the Lord of roses has given himself to the dark powers of necromancy.

The Land of Roses